Four Strand Braid With Lace Hair Tutorial

First, put your hair into a ponytail with four strands of long lace attached to the inside of the ponytail. Next, divide your hair into four sections, with a strand of lace in each section. Now it's time to braid! From left to right, we will number each strand to make it a little easier. Strand one goes over strand two and under strand three. In the next photo you'll see strand four go under strand one, then over strand three. Simply said, the outside piece will always be the strand you'll weave with, going under then over, then over then under, etc. Continue this process until you've reached the end of your hair and secure with an elastic band. Then, take the remaining strands of the lace and wrap around the end of your braid, covering the elastic band. Lastly, cut the elastic band at the top, and tuck the ends of the lace into the braid.

Double Side Braid Hair Tutorial

Steps :
Begin with your hair down.
Take a section of your hair from the thicker side of your part.
Then braid it all the way down. It will lie flat on your head best if you angle it back as you're braiding it.
Next, using a technique Elsie and Sarah taught me here, slightly tug all along the braid, making it appear thicker.
Once the braid is complete, pin it on the back/far side of your head underneath the top layer of your hair, covering the bobby pins.
Next, braid the rest of your hair into a side braid.
Continue with the same process as the first braid, slightly tugging along the whole thing.
If it's really windy that day, add a spritz of hairspray to keep it place.

Way fingernail hair

Kids Fashion Trends 2012: What They Will Wear in Spring -Pictures-

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This year, the trends indicate that kids will wear bold colors, prints, and urban looks. So, if we are parents, we need to think about those original accessories we can find to complement the look of our children. It’s better if we start now to prepare the wardrobes; after all, the warm days are just around the corner.

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I brought you a Evening dresses for children, dresses very beautiful, it is a 2012 to fashion this year, I hope that you like it,,
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Excelled Ngelta Madonna and Angelina Jolie

Pictures .. Tom Cruise's daughter sits on the throne of elegance celebrity children

Suri Cruise has tastefully in fashion

(Dubai - agencies) knocked off "Syrian" daughter of the couple Alholeodaan Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes on the throne of elegance celebrity children, and won a well-deserved title of "Her beautiful fashion."

The site said "full contact Music" American that site "May First Years" British custom of gift children conducted a poll overcame the Suri Cruise, aged 5 years all children celebrities in terms of choosing the most beautiful clothes, advanced on Harper Seven daughter David and Victoria Beckham , and Madonna's daughter Lourdes and children Geven Rosdaal Jewett Stephanie, in addition to Zahara daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

 The company spokesman said that "Suri Cruise has tastefully stunning fashion, and in relation to a child at the age of five wonderful choice for clothing.

With regard to the girl's family only Beckham; tastefully spokesman praised her fashion designer mother, expected to wear the best in the coming years.

Also commented on the clothes Madonna's daughter, saying it was "inherited something from her mother's taste."