Excelled Ngelta Madonna and Angelina Jolie

Pictures .. Tom Cruise's daughter sits on the throne of elegance celebrity children

Suri Cruise has tastefully in fashion

(Dubai - agencies) knocked off "Syrian" daughter of the couple Alholeodaan Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes on the throne of elegance celebrity children, and won a well-deserved title of "Her beautiful fashion."

The site said "full contact Music" American that site "May First Years" British custom of gift children conducted a poll overcame the Suri Cruise, aged 5 years all children celebrities in terms of choosing the most beautiful clothes, advanced on Harper Seven daughter David and Victoria Beckham , and Madonna's daughter Lourdes and children Geven Rosdaal Jewett Stephanie, in addition to Zahara daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

 The company spokesman said that "Suri Cruise has tastefully stunning fashion, and in relation to a child at the age of five wonderful choice for clothing.

With regard to the girl's family only Beckham; tastefully spokesman praised her fashion designer mother, expected to wear the best in the coming years.

Also commented on the clothes Madonna's daughter, saying it was "inherited something from her mother's taste."